About group

   Group "Savalan" has been created in Baku in 2002. Director of group Novruz Novruzlu. The structure of group: Novruz Novruzlu (the singer-hanande and def), Halimet Sultan (a voice and art reading), Fahreddin Selim (Bahshaliyev) (saz and ud), Javad Ismail (ney) and Iffet Askerov (kamancha).

   Group repertoire basically make - ilahiler (theological religious songs) turkuler (Turkish folk songs), and art-musical compositions.

   Group "Savalan" successfully partisirated in the foreign states, including, in the Dutch city of Hague, at 6 congress WKA (the World Congress of Azerbaijanians), in the actions devoted to memory Movlane Jalaladdin Rumi in the Turkish city of Konya. In May, 2007 the group has taken part in Worldwide Mystic-Sufi festival in Pakistan and has been awarded awards, the special diploma of the president of festival has been appropriated to it.

   In Azerbaijan the group is occupied by the vigorous activity. It has drawn attention successful participation in numerous concerts and the actions, interesting television performances, in solo concerts for staff Caspian Sea Flotillas whose special bonus it has been awarded, and also in a number actions of Hazar university.

   One of interesting works of group "Savalan" is theatrical performance joint with collective of state theatre "Yug" led by main director Vagif Ibragimoglu. One of them - "I Address to Supreme God" is a fruit of creativity of Galib Mamedov and Fahreddin Selim, and the second "Yes will be!" - spiritually-medial representation, devoted great Yunis Emre.

   The group repeatedly won liking of televiewers the interesting performances in television channels of Turkey: TRT, TGRT, STV, in Kerkuk TV of Iraq and also AzTV, Space, Leader, ITV. The group was the executor of musical compositions in the films which have been removed by the Azerbaijan State TV: "Seyid Nigyari", "Yunis Emre", "Naimi", "Tabriz".

   The "Gun Az" TV invited "Savalan" group to Chikago on June 07-15 2009.

   The group performed during the selebration of anniversary of "Gun Az" TV.

   On 30 of September in 2009 our group has taken part in action of the Slavyan university, devoted "Dede Gorgud" and on 2nd of October, together with musical group of Germany - in a concert devoted "Dede Gorgud".

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